Open-Mindedness, Tolerance, and Public Engagement. These three terms signify a disassembling of dogma, restrictions, silos, and separateness. When information and contemplation can flow more freely between disciplines, people, and understandings – it can only have the effect of enriching them so that they can achieve more.

The study and practice of economics as a discipline in many circles of influence has long been limited to a monolithic series of principles, assumptions, and frames of reference which could benefit from the sentiments these terms inspire.

Open-Mindedness: to change, to seeing things anew

Tolerance: of pluralism

Public Engagement:with the problem and solutions

The economic behavior of people, enterprises, states, and markets is seldom explained by an element distilled into a university textbook. Economic reality is determined by a plurality of factors, not mutually exclusive. The fact that the Economy, a construct of humans, exists within the material, dynamic system of Earth means that the latter cannot be squeezed into the former or reduced to a mere exogenous input and treated as a given. Conventional theory with problematic blind spots is still useful in so far as it opens the doors to reflection of further explanatory variables, best illuminated through engagement with new lenses.



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Author: Olivia Davis