Ode to a blank page


Good morning, blank page, how are you today?

I brought some coffee for us to now share.

So, we can start over, what do you say?

Oh, you don’t drink coffee, I wasn’t aware.


Honestly, I never know,

are you friend or are you foe?

Now, do me a solid, just be frank,

what do you want: to remain blank?


Be a utopia, that’s your true calling?

Shy away from words, harmful and appalling.

That, I get, I even understand, I think.

But then again, isn’t it just thoughts in ink?


I see the moral predicament

of disseminating words

through which some express but a sentiment

while for others it truly hurts


Maybe it’s your democratic responsibility

to share with amiability

the full range of thoughts and of ideas,

of hopes, concerns, and lastly, of fears


Now, my challenge is of a different sort:

How do I find what’s worth to purport?

Relax, you say,

TGI Monday!


You go on: I don’t mean to aggravate,

but, dude, you tend to procrastinate.


I don’t procrastinate!

I quickly object,

I just contemplate

and introspect!